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Most prospective clients like to know the background of a company. On this page we will describe our history and include comments about us from clients. MS. MARILYN PACHECO Are the BEST FINANCIAL SPECIALIST provider even she started since 2005 until now. presently she proud to be AFC TEAM-H.O. this year 2014-2020 her planning to develop and deliver her speed, accuracy excellent service at its best.

Company History


A group of enterprising executives belonging to various industries saw the opportunity to venture in the booming consumer financing business. Combining their strengths, Robert B. Jordan handled credit; Ruben Y. Lugtu Jr. labored on the financials while the late Wilfredo T. Anastacio took care of the human resources and operations. With the good demand and sound credit, the company, which they formed, Asialink Finance Corporation was off to a good start. Established in June of 1997, Asialink Finance Corporation is now the leading and fastest growing finance company in the Philippines.

The company was initially engaged in the booming business of Appliance Group Financing (AGP), however, Due to the Asian Financial Crisis which badly affected companies in the market, Robert B. Jordan, now the CEO, redirected the company to focus on the promising business of giving short-term loans to business men, doctors and professionals in the year 2000. Today, Asialink Finance Corporation offers a wide range of short-term loan products that cater to the financial needs of businesses and individuals, such as Doctor’s Loan, Seaman's Loan, Appliance Loan, Educational Loan, OFW Loan, Allottee Loan, Salary Loan, Beneficiary Loan, Motorcycle Loan, Truck Loan, Car Loan, Real Estate Loan and Medical Assistance Loan.